Kent school (Germany)

Kent School is also known as Sint Josefsheim. The names reveal a piece of the turbulent history of the building. In 1909 the construction of the Sint Joseph Monastery started, and after four years the construction was complete.

The buildings functioned as a monastery for only a few years: around 1937 the brothers left because of the upcomg Nazi regime, which took it over and used it as a hospital. During the Second World War this place had a dark side.

After this war the whole site got into British hands. During this first years the monastery continued to serve as a hospital, until it was transformed in 1963 to a school and boarding school for children of British soldiers. However – at the end of the cold war – the soldiers disappeared from Germany and the buildings got abandoned (and available for legal paying visits in the last few years).

Apparently there’s a new hospital planned now on the site.

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